Premier's Awards for Teaching Excellence

Awards Ceremony Video

Meet Bryce Honsinger, 2009-10 Teacher of the Year

Bryce Honsinger explains his passion for Canadian history while his principal and students reflect on his unique ability to bring history to life with an engaging and creative teaching style.

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Meet Chantal Bertrand, 2008-09 Excellence in Leadership

Chantal Bertrand, Coordinator of the Hawkesbury Campus of the Eastern Ontario Education and Training Centre, tells us about the value of adult education programs and how she meets the needs of her diverse students.

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Meet Poleen Grewal, 2008-09 Excellence in Leadership

Principal Poleen Grewal tells us what inspires her vision for the school and why she loves her job. And hear from students, a parent and her son as they talk about the impact she has as a principal and educator.

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Meet Mark Latour, 2007-08 Excellent Support Staff

Mark Latour, Chief Custodian, is loved by students and teachers alike. Discover the many projects he created – projects that connect with the community – and learn why kids compete to be his assistant.

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Meet Amare Demesie, 2006-07 Teacher of the Year

Amare Demesie tells us why he loves teaching. His nominator, Sam Miceli, shares Amare's amazing history. And students from a Toronto neighbourhood talk about the difference he has made in their lives and their futures.

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These are just two of the many outstanding individuals who have received a Premier's Award for Teaching Excellence. To meet the rest and read their stories, visit the 2006-07 and 2007-08 award recipient pages.