SHSM Policy and Implementation Guide - Documentation Requirements
Specialist High Skills Majors

SHSM Policy and Implementation Guide - Documentation Requirements

A2.1 Recording Student Progress

Tracking and documenting are essential to ensure that students’ achievement of the SHSM components are recorded in an accurate and timely manner. Students’ SHSM achievement is recorded in the following official documents:

Provincial Report Card: The section of the Provincial Report Card titled “Completion of Requirements for Graduation” records and tracks the required bundle of credits and identifies the sector for the SHSM.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD): Students who have successfully completed the requirements for an SHSM and an OSSD will be awarded an OSSD with an embossed SHSM seal. Returning graduate students are not eligible to obtain a second diploma. For students earning the SHSM designation after graduation, the OST and SHSM Record will document this successful completion.

Ontario Student Transcript (OST): When a student has successfully completed a credit in the SHSM program, the credit is denoted on the student’s OST with an “H” in the “Notes” column. As well, the name of the SHSM (e.g., “Specialist High Skills Major– Manufacturing”) will be entered in the box labelled “Specialized Program” in the bottom section of the OST once the student has earned the SHSM.

SHSM Record: Students graduating with an SHSM designation on their diploma will also receive an SHSM Record, which provides details regarding their achievement of the five required components – the bundled credits, certifications and training courses/programs, experiential learning and career exploration activities, reach ahead experiences, and use of the OSP to document their demonstration of Essential Skills and work habits. The SHSM Record is given to students upon graduation, and a copy is filed in the student’s Ontario Student Record (OSR).

What happens when a student leaves the program, board, or school?
When a student opts out of the SHSM, transfers to another school, or graduates without completing all the components, a copy of the SHSM Record with the notation “partially completed” shows the requirements completed to date. This is filed in the student’s OSR and is forwarded to the new school, if applicable. In the event that a student has not achieved all the required components of the SHSM at graduation, the SHSM Record becomes a useful document, as it demonstrates his or her achievement of the SHSM components.


See Section C: Resources for tools and helpful checklists.

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