Why should I enrol my child?

Like existing kindergarten programs, full-day kindergarten will remain optional for four- and five-year-olds.

But research shows that children who participate in full-day kindergarten get a solid foundation for future learning.

In full-day kindergarten, your child will benefit from:

  • A stronger start in school
    A full day of learning early in life can help improve your child's reading, writing and math skills and provide a strong foundation for future learning. It also makes the transition to Grade 1 easier for both you and your child. When the introduction to school is an enjoyable experience, your child is naturally inclined to learn and will be eager to be part of the school experience.
  • More time with classmates
    During the regular school day, your child will benefit from being able to socialize with other children and develop the academic and social skills necessary for future success. In addition, the program running before and after school hours will complement what your child learns and does during the regular school day.
  • A seamless and integrated day
    Your child will remain in familiar surroundings with staff and friends, rather than moving between different programs and locations.

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The research is in

Studies show that full-day kindergarten is good for education, good for our economy and good for our children.

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What we have heard

Educators, child care advocates, parents and researchers agree that full-day kindergarten is good for our children and good for Ontario.

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Feature stories

Watch videos about Ontario families and school staff who are benefiting from full-day kindergarten.