Who is working in the classroom?

Teacher and Early Childhood Educator team throughout the day

In kindergarten classrooms that have an educator team*, a teacher and an early childhood educator (ECE) work together to help young students learn during the regular school day. These educators have complementary skills that create a learning environment to support the unique needs of each child.

At schools that offer the integrated before- and after-school program, two ECEs work in the full-day kindergarten classroom. For example, one may run the before-school program and work in the classroom with the teacher during the morning and the second may arrive around lunchtime and work with the teacher in the afternoon and run the after-school program.

At schools that don’t offer the before- and after-school program, there may be a single ECE working alongside the teacher during the regular school day (for example, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.).

Watch as an ECE and teacher team get ready for the first day of school.

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Complementary skills

Teachers and ECEs, where applicable*, work together to implement the program and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

ECEs have knowledge of early childhood development, observation skills  and assessment skills. They bring a focus on age-appropriate program planning that promotes each child’s physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social and creative development and well-being.

Teachers have a knowledge of the broader elementary curriculum, assessment, evaluation and reporting, and child development. They are responsible for student learning, effective instruction and evaluation, and formal reporting to parents, based on the teacher-ECE team’s assessment of children’s progress.

*Required for classrooms of 16 or more children