What happens before and after school?

The integrated before- and after-school program provides children with more opportunities to learn and grow and provides a seamless day with fewer transitions for children and families.

Boards are required to provide before- and after-school programs for full-day kindergarten students at schools where there is interest from the families of at least 20 children.

It is offered from about 7 to 9 a.m. and 3:30 to 6 p.m. — although the exact time for this program may vary at different schools. Parents can choose to enrol their child in the before-school, the after-school or both programs, or not at all.

Some schools may offer before- and after-school programs run by a third-party child care provider. Some of the schools may be also offering programs for older children or offering programs during school breaks or on professional development (PD) days.

Ask at your school or school board for more information about what programs are available locally.

Engaging activities

The integrated before- and after-school program complements what happens during the regular school day.

Registered early childhood educators are responsible for the before- and after-school programs. They plan a play-based program that is connected to the learning that will happen during the regular school day. The program includes a mix of exploration, guided and independent activities, quiet times and outdoor play.

There will be, at most, a ratio of one early childhood educator for every 15 children. If there are more than 15 children enrolled in the before- and after-school program, a second adult will support the early childhood educator. The second adult may receive additional training to work in the program, but he or she is not required to be a registered early childhood educator.

Reasonable fees and subsidies

Parents pay a reasonable fee to enrol their child in the before- and after-school care. Boards determine fees locally and approve them annually during a public meeting.

In addition, subsidies are available to some families, based on financial need. The process is similar to applying for other child care subsidies. Learn more about fees and subsidies.