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Myla loved her first day of school and is looking forward to the rest of the year in full-day kindergarten!

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Father: Myla hasn't stopped talking about school since school ended back in June. Today is her first day starting the all day, every day program. She's excited, I'm excited, and being a single dad I can spend more time building a business and taking care of my two-year-old.

Myla (to camera): My name is Myla and I'm four. I'm doing some stuff in class. We're playing and doing stuff and reading. I was very excited.

Child (to Myla): I wanna be a spaceship!

Myla (to child): Me too.

Principal: The full day allows the kids to work through activities, to go back to them after lunch if they choose to. For someone like Myla who's so interested in so much in the world, we'll see that theyve made great gains because theres just that much more exposure to literacy and numeracy in a play-based activity.

Teacher (to Myla): Myla?

Myla (to teacher): Um, 40?

Teacher (to Myla): Good job!

Father: That extra couple hours can be huge for a kid's development and their learning. She's a go-getter. She absolutely loves what she's doing and where she is.