What People Are Saying About Ontario's New Nutrition Standards

January 15, 2010

Ontario Registered Dietitians see the implementation of nutrition standards for schools as a valuable contribution to the health and well-being of Ontario students. Healthy food choices available at schools that reinforce a healthy eating classroom education is a significant achievement that has the potential to have a broader influence in achieving a healthier population.
Linda Dietrich, MEd, RD, Dietitians of Canada, Regional Executive Director, Central and Southern Ontario

The School Food and Beverage Policy is a significant move toward creating healthier schools. We look forward to the collaborations between school boards and Boards of Health and public health professionals to implement the nutrition standards.
Cindy Scythes, MSc, Registered Dietitian, Manager, Nutrition Resource Centre

The School Food and Beverage Policy is as a positive step toward creating healthy school environments and improving the nutritional health of Ontario students.  Our members look forward to supporting school boards with implementation of the policy.
Kathy Page, Registered Dietitian, Co-chair, Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health

Schools have an important role to play in creating supportive environments for health. We applaud the Ministry of Education's School Food and Beverage Policy with its emphasis on nutrition standards, and look forward to its comprehensive roll-out involving public health and other partners. The policy holds potential in ensuring that the food and beverages sold in schools contribute to students' health.
Erica Di Ruggiero, Registered Dietitian, Past Chair, Ontario Collaborative Group on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

ARAMARK Canada Ltd. embraces the provincial government's commitment to supporting healthy school environments and is excited to continue to be an active partner in improving the nutritional quality of foods sold in Ontario schools. As a leading provider of food services, we are dedicated to fostering healthy eating habits and well balanced lifestyles within our school communities each and everyday.
Tina Horsley, MHSc, Registered Dietitian, Director of Wellness & Sustainability, ARAMARK Canada

The School Food and Beverage Policy is bold and straightforward. If you want to create a healthier food environment at school, first define the healthier options that support this goal and then provide the resources and support needed to make this change sustainable. We applaud the Ministry of Education for mandating policies that contribute to a healthier future for the children of Ontario.
Ruthie Burd, President and Founder, The Lunch Lady Group Inc.

Real Food for Real Kids views this policy as an excellent framework on which we will build a healthier future for our children. Well done!
David Farnell, CEO, Real Food for Real Kids Inc