Policy/Program Memoranda

Numbered policy directives are issued to district school boards and school authorities to outline the Ministry of Education's expectations regarding the implementation of ministry policies and programs.

Selected Policy/Program Memoranda are made available here for reference purposes only, and education personnel are advised to verify information before acting upon it.

A PDF file is available for some memoranda.

Revoked 18th of July 2014

  • PPM 85: Educational Programs for Pupils in Government-Approved Care and/or Treatment Facilities

Revoked 10th of October 2012

  • PPM 127: The Secondary School Literacy Graduation Requirement
  • PPM 133: Music Certificates Accepted for Credits
  • PPM 134: Increase in the Number of Locally Developed Compulsory Credit Courses
  • PPM 139: Revisions to Ontario Secondary Schools (OSS) to Support Student Success and Learning to 18
  • PPM 146: Revisions to Credit Requirements to Support Student Success and Learning to 18

Revoked 6th of September 2011

  • PPM 135: Healthy foods and beverages in elementary school vending machines superseded by PPM 150
    • Dietitians of Canada: School Food and Nutrition Recommendations for Ontario Ministry of Education Regarding Snacks and Beverages Dispensed by Vending Machines
    • Dietitians of Canada: Recommendations for School Food and Nutrition for Ontario Ministry of Education

Revoked 9th of September 2010

  • PPM 143: Expectations Regarding Inclusion of Non-teaching Staff Affected by the 2006 Amendment to R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 304
  • PPM 116: Integration of computers across the curriculum
  • PPM 30: Hairstylist programs in secondary schools

Revoked 9th of September 2009

  • PPM 7: Heritage Languages Program
  • PPM 15: Supervision of Pupils at Lunch Hour
  • PPM 16: Reproduction of Copyright Materials
  • PPM 19: Remembrance Day Curriculum
  • PPM 20: National Anthem
  • PPM 23: Driver Education
  • PPM 33: Employment of Continuing Education Teachers and Continuing Education Instructors
  • PPM 60: Ministry Resource Document – Partners in Action: the Library Resource Centre in the School Curriculum
  • PPM 65: 1. Non-Guideline Courses
    2. OSIS: Appendix B
    3. OSIS: Appendix C
  • PPM 76: Custody and Guardianship of Minors
  • PPM 84: Equal Educational Opportunity for Students
  • PPM 96: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Education
  • PPM 97: Programs Leading to Qualification as a Teacher of the Deaf, Blind, and Deaf-Blind
  • PPM 102: Affirmative Action/Employment Equity for Women Employees of School Boards
  • PPM 103: Termination of the Book Purchase Plan
  • PPM 110: Interrelationship of Native-As-a-Second Language (NSL) and French-As-a-Second Language Programs
  • PPM 112: Education about Religion in the Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • PPM 113: Funding for Cross-Curricular Use of Computer Technology
  • PPM 114: Requirements for Reporting Attendance in Registers

Revoked 18th of October 2006

  • PPM 121: Suspension and Dismissal of Supervisory Officers
  • PPM 95: Revised Guidelines for Special Education Additional Qualification Courses
  • PPM 77: Tuberculosis Control Program
  • PPM 54: Ministry of Education Training Programs for Teachers, 1988-89
  • PPM 38: Principal's Qualification Program, 1995
  • PPM 14: Supervisory Officers – Equal Employment and Promotion Opportunities

Revoked 27th of June 2005

  • PPM 126: Implementation of the Teacher-Adviser Program and use of the term "co-instructional activities"

Revoked 24th of August 2004

  • PPM 115: Program policy for elementary and secondary education
  • PPM 109: Termination of the Learning Materials Development Plan
  • PPM 107: Reduction of class size in grades 1 and 2
  • PPM 58: Elementary school Core French programs
  • PPM 45: The Ontario Assessment Instrument Pool/Banque d'instruments de mesure de l'Ontario (OAIP/BIMO)
  • PPM 36: Clarification of funding policy on adult education