Policy/Program Memorandum No. 75A

Issued under the authority of the Deputy Minister of Education

Date of Issue: October 5, 1994
Effective: Until revoked or modified
Application: Directors of Education
Principals of Secondary Schools
(in Carter Scholarship Jurisdictions)
Reference: This memorandum replaces Policy/Program Memorandum No. 75A, April 16, 1993.

Under the terms of the will of the late J. I. Carter of Sarnia, Carter Scholarships will continue to be awarded in each of the jurisdictions named below.

Each participating board will receive, in trust, one cheque for the total amount to be awarded to students within the board. Scholarships will be divided in each jurisdiction as follows:

For the student with the highest aggregate standing: 50% of total award
For the student with the second highest aggregate standing: 30% of total award
For the student with the third highest aggregate standing: 20% of total award

In no case shall the total amount of the students' awards exceed the amount available for each jurisdiction. In the event that equal standing is obtained by two or more students, the ministry will determine the distribution of the funds. The following conditions remain in effect:

  1. Six credits at the honour graduation level or for Ontario Academic Courses achieved as of August 31, 1994, including a credit in one of English, français, or mathematics, will be considered in determining the candidate's aggregate standing.
  2. The candidate must obtain a minimum of 60 per cent in English, français, or mathematics.
  3. Marks obtained over two school years (September 1992 to August 1994) may be included in the candidate's aggregate standing.
  4. Marks obtained as a result of a second attempt at a course will not be considered.
  5. As outlined in appendix D of Circular H.S.1, 1979-81 and in appendix C of Ontario Schools, Intermediate and Senior Divisions (Grades 7-1210ACs): Program and Diploma Requirements, 1989 (rev. ed.), a mark obtained at a conservatory or school of music and recognized as a credit towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or as an equivalent of an Ontario Academic Course will have a value of one credit. This mark may be included in a candidate's aggregate standing.
  6. To be eligible, candidates for these scholarships must have attended a secondary school within the jurisdiction for at least one complete school year prior to graduation.
  7. No candidate who has already been awarded a Carter Scholarship will be eligible to compete a second time.

Principals of schools under the jurisdiction of participating boards are requested to forward each scholarship candidate's name and aggregate standing, as well as a copy of his or her Ontario Student Transcript, to their director of education.

In identifying scholarship candidates, directors of education shall consider together the aggregate standing of students in semestered schools, June graduates, and students who have completed a summer school course.

The directors of education for each jurisdiction are asked to forward one set of recommendations, as well as one copy of the Ontario Student Transcript for each candidate in the jurisdiction, to the address below:

George Boskovic
Financial Systems Analyst
Corporate Finance and Services Branch
Ministry of Education
Queen's Park
12th Floor, Mowat Block
900 Bay St
Toronto ON M7A 1L2

Telephone: (416) 326-6719
Fax: (416) 325-4344

If students from more than one board within a jurisdiction are eligible to be considered for an award the directors of education for all boards concerned must sign the recommendations.

Following confirmation of eligibility, scholarship award cheques win be sent to the directors of education. These cheques will be payable in trust to the appropriate boards.