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Leading Math Success

Resources for Teachers

Leading Math Success includes lesson plans, videos, posters and other teaching resources for Grade 7 to 12 math classes.

They will help you create or improve math lessons that engage more of your students in learning.


What's New:

  • Paying Attention to Proportional Reasoning (PDF, 409 KB)
    Support Document for Paying Attention to Mathematical Education
  • Paying Attention to Mathematics, K-12 (PDF, 215 KB)
    outlines seven principles to guide improvements in mathematics teaching and learning in Ontario schools:
    • Focus on mathematics
    • Co-ordinate and strengthen mathematics leadership.
    • Build understanding of effective mathematics instruction.
    • Support collaborative professional learning in mathematics.
    • Design a responsive mathematics learning environment.
    • Provide assessment and evaluation in mathematics that supports learning.
    • Facilitate access to mathematics learning resources.
  • A Discussion Tool for Paying Attention to Mathematics Education (PDF, 350 KB)

Other Resources:

Print publications can be ordered from Publications Ontario.