2017-2018 Teacher Learning and Leadership Program

About the program

The Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) is an annual project-based professional learning opportunity for experienced classroom teachers.

The program funds proposals from classroom teachers seeking peer leadership roles in curriculum, instructional practice or supporting other teachers. The program has three goals:

  • Create and support opportunities for teacher professional learning
  • Foster teacher leadership; and
  • Facilitate the sharing of exemplary practices with others for the broader benefit of Ontario's students.

Previous completed projects

Since its launch in 2007, the ministry has supported hundreds of teacher-led TLLP projects. Search the project archive to view completed projects along with contact information to communicate with the project leaders.

Submitting project proposals

Teachers are invited to submit project proposals either individually or as a team. Examples of projects are:

  • lesson study and creation of an electronic resource that can be shared province wide
  • action research into innovative classroom strategies and publication of the outcomes in a professional magazine
  • deepening and sharing teaching expertise (e.g. math skills, improving boys' literacy)
  • learning about adapting new methodologies / technologies for students with special needs and opening the classroom to other teachers in your school or board

Application Due Date

Applications are due to school boards/school authorities by November 18, 2016.

Learn more

To download the TLLP Application Form, Program Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions and other resources, please visit the TLLP’s online community of practice at TeachOntario.

For more advice on how to complete the Application Form, check out the TLLP – Ideas and a Plan video and more below.

Videos – Teacher Learning and Leadership Program

Suggestions for applicants

Professional learning at the 2011 Sharing the Learning Summit