I Am a Parent/Student

As a student or as a parent of a student in the publicly funded education system in Ontario, you may be interested in: learning about the roles of the individuals and groups responsible for publicly funded elementary and secondary education in Ontario (Who's responsible for your child's education?); contacting the Ontario College of Teachers, the professional body for teachers in Ontario; understanding how the Teacher Performance Appraisal System works; visiting the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) website; or locating a specific School or School Board.

The Ontario College of Teachers was founded to serve and protect the public interest through certifying, governing and enforcing standards of practice of the teaching profession. The College's functions include setting out clear standards of practice, providing for the ongoing education of teachers, investigating complaints involving members, conducting hearings into allegations of professional misconduct and taking appropriate disciplinary action and accrediting teacher education programs.

The Ministry of Education has implemented a Teacher Performance Appraisal System that sets clear province-wide standards for measuring teachers' skills and knowledge in the classroom. The Ministry has published the Teacher Performance Appraisal Manual and Approved Forms and Guidelines, which clearly define the respective roles of parents and students in the performance appraisal of teachers.

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) develops and administers tests to elementary and secondary school students in Ontario, and provides the public with information on student achievement.

You can search the Ministry web site to find a school or school board in Ontario.

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