The New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)

The New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) supports the growth and professional development of new teachers.

It is a step in a continuum of professional learning for teachers to support effective teaching, learning, and assessment practices. It provides another full year of professional support so that new teachers can continue to develop the requisite skills and knowledge that will support increased success as teachers in Ontario.

By helping new teachers achieve their full potential, the NTIP supports Ontario's vision of achieving high levels of student performance.

What Supports Does the NTIP Offer?

The NTIP consists of the following induction elements:

  • orientation for all new teachers to the school and school board
  • mentoring for new teachers by experienced teachers
  • professional development and training in areas such as:
    • Literacy and Numeracy strategies, Student Success, Safe Schools, and Politique d'aménagement linguistique in French-language boards
    • Classroom management, effective parent communication skills, and instructional strategies that address the learning and culture of students with special needs and other diverse learners.

Who Are New Teachers?

For the purposes of the NTIP, new teachers are defined as all new teachers (including teachers trained out-of-province) certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) who have been hired into permanent positions – full-time or part-time – by a school board, school authority or provincial school to begin teaching for the first time in Ontario.

How Do New Teachers Complete NTIP?

To successfully complete the NTIP, new teachers must achieve two Satisfactory ratings on teacher performance appraisals (TPA) for new teachers

New teachers who successfully complete two performance appraisals within the required time period will receive a Notation of successful completion of the NTIP on their Certificate of Qualification and Registration and on the Ontario College of Teachers public register.

For more information about the performance appraisal system for new teachers, visit Teacher Performance Appraisal System.

Are Beginning Long-Term Occasional (LTO) Teachers Eligible for the NTIP?

As of 2009-10, beginning LTO teachers are to be included in the induction elements of the NTIP (orientation, mentoring and professional development). For the purposes of the NTIP, a beginning LTO teacher is defined as a certified occasional teacher who is in his or her first long-term assignment, of 97 or more consecutive school days as a substitute for the same teacher.

However, because occasional teachers are not included in the definition of "new teacher", they are not eligible to receive the NTIP Notation until they do come within that definition. Teacher performance appraisal results prior to becoming a "new teacher" do not count for the purposes of the NTIP Notation.