French-language teachers in Ontario

In Ontario, there are twelve French-language school boards in the publicly funded system with over 450 French-language schools.

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French-language teachers have more opportunities

Job prospects for French-language teachers are very promising in Ontario. According to the 2015 Transition to Teaching survey, three out of four first-year French-language graduates were working full time in 2015.

At French-language schools, all subjects in the Ontario curriculum are taught in French. The schools are expected to give students a solid foundation in Francophone culture. French-language teachers who are interested in advancing their career have many opportunities at French-language schools. They can move into specialty areas, e.g. by becoming a math specialist or a curriculum consultant, or they could move into administration and become a principal.

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The Teacher Education Application Service is a non-profit centralized service for students applying to Ontario faculties of education.

French-language teacher education is offered at two universities in Ontario: Laurentian University in Sudbury and the University of Ottawa, which also offers programs in Toronto and Windsor.

The Transition to Teaching (PDF, 1.07 MB) survey provides the most current information about employment prospects for French language teaching graduates.

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