I Am a Principal

If you are currently certified to work as a principal or vice-principal in a publicly funded school in Ontario, the following information will assist you in your leadership role.

Principals' Associations

Three associations represent the interests of, and provide services to, principals and vice-principals in Ontario's publicly funded education system: the Ontario Principals' Council (OPC), the Catholic Principals' Council of Ontario (CPCO) and L'Association des directions et directions adjointes des écoles franco-ontariennes (ADFO).

Ontario College of Teachers

The Ontario College of Teachers is the independent, professional body that licenses, governs and regulates the teaching profession. The College sets and regulates the qualifications and standards of conduct of teachers and principals.

The College's website provides information about professional development opportunities for prospective and current principals and vice-principals, including the Principal's Qualification Program and the Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program.

Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program

The Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program is designed to prepare school administrators to become supervisory officers in Ontario. The program consists of four modules that address the challenges of the supervisory officer's role.

The Ontario College of Teachers provides a resource entitled the Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program Guideline, which outlines the program. Also available on the College's website is a list of organizations that provide the program.

Additional information about the program, including admission requirements, can be found on the Ontario Principals' Council (OPC) website and the Catholic Community Delivery Organization (CCDO) website devoted to the Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program. CCDO is a consortium representing a number of Ontario Catholic school organizations, including the Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers' Association (OCSOA) and the Catholic Principals' Council of Ontario (CPCO).

Please stay tuned to this website for updates to information regarding the role of the principal.

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