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SpeakUp about your project

As you get started with your project, think about ways to let people in your school and community know about what you're doing! You may want to talk about your project online. Talk to your teacher or principal about having an event and inviting your local media, MPP, friends, family and community members.

Ideas to get you started

When you're creating materials to showcase your project:

  • Highlight what it means for students, your school and your community.
  • Focus on the results you're hoping to achieve including strengthening belonging or improving achievement.
  • Take pictures or videos of your events! These could help with any communications materials you create.
  • Use SpeakUp icons and graphics in your materials. Share the results of your projects with students at your school.

Get your project noticed using SpeakUp icons and templates!

See what icons are available and get some ideas about how to use them. SpeakUp Style Sheet [PDF 1.26 MG]

You can download icon artwork (below) in black and white or colour. Buttons and banners are available in both positive and negative versions. The icons are hi-resolution jpegs that you can use as is, or decrease in size.

Colour Icons – click to download

Black and White Icons – click to download

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