Speak Up

Student Voice

Giving Students A Stronger Voice


Chantel: I believe that students have a voice. So I came here to have my voice be heard.

Emmett: We gave our opinions on a bunch of different topics and we made a whole bunch of reports out of them.

Emilie: We talked a lot about many, many things like the linguistic equalities between French and English.

Tim: …Drugs in school and mutual respect between teachers…

Olivia: My topic is “let's be equal”…

Aajab: I got a view of other peoples' opinions today about issues that matter to me.

Alexandra: There's a big similarity between my school and these schools that are in big cities.

Chantel: Your ideas can all be heard and recognized regardless if they agree with you or not.

Voiceover: This is the first meeting of the Minister's Student Advisory Council. Sixty students were chosen from around the province to come and be part of a discussion about student engagement and the issues that students are confronting in schools.

Tim: I think it's important to do something like this — it gets the students' opinion out there because they know what's best for the school because they're the ones going to it.

Emilie: It'll produce a change and I think we need that sometimes.

Emmett: No other person on this council is from Barrie and I am taking all of my ideas home to my school.

Aajab: It was really nice to see a new perspective on different issues that we face at school.

Alexandra: I really like the aboriginal topic that we had. It was pretty interesting and I got to say all these different ideas because we (at my school) have a high population of aboriginal students.

Chantel: You can have a voice and you can have your voice be heard. It's a great experience.