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2017 – 2018 SpeakUp Project Scoring Tips

Before You Begin Your Online Application

If you have an idea for a SpeakUp Project, this page will help you with your grant application. It has a list of questions that will help you develop and describe you project idea, and understand how your answers will be scored.

There are a total of 6 scored questions in the online application. Applications are evaluated out of a total possible score of 28 points.

Please note that the online application form will not allow you to save your work. You must complete it in one online session. This is to protect your privacy and personal information.

The questions below allow you to create your answers before you complete the online application.

Note: Be sure to have selected your project’s focus area before using this tip sheet. You should also consider your project’s overall goal and specific purpose.

Scored Questions for 2017-2018 SpeakUp Project Grants

1. Project Description (4 points)

Please describe your project. (100 word maximum)

Scoring: Your response will receive up to 4 points based on whether it has enough detail to provide an overview of your proposed project.

2. Project Purpose (4 points)

What difference or specific change(s) do you hope to achieve? (100 word maximum)

Scoring: Your response will receive up to 4 points based on how well it connects with your selected project goal(s) and focus area.

3. Project Action Plan (8 points)

What will you do to achieve your project’s purpose? Please outline the actions you plan to take. (100 word maximum)

Scoring: Your response will receive up to 8 points based on:

  1. whether your actions can be realistically completed by the end of the project and (4 points)
  2. how well your actions connect to your project goal(s) and focus area (4 points)

4. Project Intended Outcome (4 points)

How will you know if your project has made a difference? What changes will you see, hear and/or feel in your classroom, school and/or community? (100 word maximum)

Scoring: Your response will receive up to 4 points based on the extent to which the changes described are concrete and observable.

5. Partnerships and Collaboration (4 points)

Collaborating with others (e.g., peers, teachers/educators, parents/guardians and community members) will make it easier to accomplish your SpeakUp Project goals. Your answers to the questions below will help us understand how you plan to work with others so that your project will make a positive impact in your school and/or community.

Who will the SpeakUp Project Team collaborate with?

  • parents/guardians
  • teachers/educators
  • school leaders (e.g. student council members)
  • board leaders (e.g. staff at the school board level)
  • community members

How will your team collaborate with each group you selected to accomplish your project’s purpose? (100 word maximum per group)

Scoring: Your responses will receive up to 4 points based on how well the proposed plans for collaboration will help achieve your project’s goal(s).

Budget (4 points)

Please outline your SpeakUp Project budget based on the amount of funding needed to implement your project. Select all categories that apply. For each selected category, list all items and their values rounded to the nearest dollar.

You may include the following items in your budget request, including but not limited to: guest speakers, certification training, venue, project supports/equipment and partnerships beyond your school or community. The total amount for your budget request cannot exceed $2,500.

  • Administration Items
  • Capital Items (e.g., equipment, technology, etc.)
  • Certifications/Training
  • Consumables (e.g., food, materials, supplies, printing, etc.)
  • Guest Speakers
  • Transportation
  • Other – please specify

Please calculate and provide the total budget ($) of your SpeakUp Project. The online application will not automatically calculate this for you.

Scoring: This section will receive up to 4 points based on how well your proposed budget aligns with your project’s goal(s), purpose, focus area and action plan.