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SpeakUp Project Report Template for Principals

Please download and complete the 2013-14 SpeakUp Project Report (PDF, 1.64 MB) for each SpeakUp project that was approved at your school this year, even if it was not implemented.

Please send us your report about this year's projects by September 30, 2014. To submit, please follow the instructions on the report.

Thank you for completing this mandatory report. Please contact studentengagement@ontario.ca if you have any questions about completing it. There are also resources available to help you:

Other tips:

  • Tell us about the events that relate to your students' project by emailing studentengagement@ontario.ca.
  • Take pictures or videos of their projects! If your students wish, they can post short videos on the SpeakUp Ontario Facebook page.
  • If you send us photos, videos or PowerPoint presentations about projects at your school, we might profile your project on an Ontario government website! You'll need to include a short description about your school's project or event and use our consent form when taking videos and photos.
  • Ask your students to use SpeakUp icons on their project materials.
  • Don't forget the consent forms! We'd love to showcase fantastic projects, but we won't be able to post them on our website unless a consent form is completed for every person appearing in the photo(s) or video. This includes children and adults. Please remember to include original copies of all the consent forms you collect when you mail us your material*. Send your material to:

Student Voice
Ministry of Education
Student Success/Learning to 18
Strategic Implementation, Innovation and Support Branch
900 Bay Street, 4th Floor, Mowat Block
Toronto, ON M7A 1L2
* Please note: material sent to the ministry will not be returned.