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2017-18 SpeakUp Project Grant applications are closed!
Thank you to all those who applied.

SpeakUp Projects

What are SpeakUp Projects?

SpeakUp Projects are part of the Ministry of Education’s Student Voice strategy. Student Voice aims to promote student engagement and success in Ontario’s schools by listening to and learning from students.

Student Voice supports students in sharing ideas and collaborating with others to shape their educational experience. SpeakUp Projects grants of up to $2,500 are available to help students lead projects that make a difference in their schools.

SpeakUp Projects also support the government’s Renewed Vision for Education, Achieving Excellence by encouraging students to focus their project ideas on the core goals for education:

  • Achieving excellence
  • Ensuring equity
  • Promoting well-being
  • Enhancing public confidence.

These four goals are interconnected – success in one contributes to success in the others. When students share their ideas, gain skills and collaborate with school, staff and community partners to implement SpeakUp Projects, the whole education system can benefit.

SpeakUp Projects can take many different forms, including starting a club, hosting an assembly or opening a school garden. Students in grades 7-12 at publicly funded schools are encouraged to develop project ideas with the potential to have a lasting impact on their school community.

This is your chance to take action and create the changes you want to see in your school or community!

Who is Eligible for a SpeakUp Project Grant?

Students in grades 7-12 at Ontario publicly-funded schools can apply. Student-led project teams can submit a grant application to the ministry for evaluation. In some cases, an adult facilitator may assist the team with submitting an application.

SpeakUp Project Resources

Here are some ideas and resources to help you brainstorm, starting with a few examples of actual SpeakUp Projects where students:

  • Organized a district-wide Indigenous Festival bringing the Native community together.
  • Learned about the benefits of locally produced food by growing vegetables and flowers in school gardens.
  • Hosted a full-day equity conference to engage students and promote equity in education.
  • Worked with a community partner to help a local soup kitchen re-open.
  • Used technology to conduct research on a school-wide math project.
  • Mentored younger students about the importance of the safe use of social networks.
  • Conducted a "Students as Researchers" project about the best ways to engage students in math class.
  • Wrote and performed a play to raise awareness about mental health and offer a message of hope: "You're not alone, there are people ready to help, and there are solutions".

Other Sources of Inspiration

  • See what other students are saying about their projects on our SpeakUp Ontario Facebook page.
  • Watch this video featuring a range of projects from elementary and secondary schools.
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Other Tips and Tools

Additional Resources

If you have any questions, please email: speakupprojects@ontario.ca.

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