Cool Tools

Cool Tools

We've put together a new collection of Web links for you. Choose your grade level to read all about it.

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Grades 1-8

Did You Know…

…That all other animals step back to let a pack of wolves pass by?
…That a Canadian invented the snowmobile?
…How much you'd get if you multiplied a million times a billion?

You can find amazing animal facts at the Canadian Museum of Nature. If you go to the Canada Science and Technology Museum you can discover Canadian inventors like Armand Bombardier. And here's a great tip: You can get your math questions answered by real mathematicians at the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan. (The answer to a million times a billion is here.)

But what if your parents won't take you to all these places? Easy! Use the Internet!

The Web can help you solve problems, ace tests and create awesome projects—and have a ton of fun along the way. Many "serious" websites also have special sections for kids, with videos, games, puzzles, contests, crafts and other activities—plus all that information you need.

We've collected some cool links to get you going.

Getting straight As has never been this much fun!

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Grades 9-12

Get the Web Working for You

Imagine having an English teacher help you write that essay before you handed it in. Or finding a “one-stop shop” for all your studying needs. How about answers to those questions you feel uncomfortable asking? Or info that could hook you up with an experience of a lifetime?

If you're only using the Internet for games, e-mail and chat, you're missing out on resources that could put you way ahead in school and in life. Consider…

  • The Canada Science and Technology Museum has a school zone develop for students to enjoy and marvel at science and technology in school programs designed to complement school curricula in math, science and technology, and social studies.
  • You can go online for no-questions-asked answers on career planning, finances, sex and health, and other subjects.
  • There are programs that can send you across Canada or around the world, like Katimavik and Canada World Youth.

We've got all these and more in our new links collection. See the complete list here.

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