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50,000 Kids Benefited from Full-Day Kindergarten

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Children (singing): We're leaving kindergarten. We're going to Grade one. We're really gonna miss it. We had a lot of fun.

Janet Yao, parent: The full-day kindergarten program gives Grace an early start. The fact that she is in full-day kindergarten all day, where she gets to learn in a structured environment, that is very beneficial to her.

And also, as a full-time working mom, the full-day kindergarten hours works for me. And not to mention the financial benefit to the cost savings in child care.

Her math and reading skills definitely have improved a lot. And she is more aware of social-environmental issues. Like she is recycling at home and she loves to protect animals and is reading all kinds of books.

They get more socialized time. They get more class time and they make friends. And it is also good for them to learn good behavior in a very early stage so you know they are heading in the right direction.