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Full-day kindergarten for Ontario kids

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Full-day kindergarten for Ontario kids

Father: Kindergarten is such an important step because that's when they really go out and learn to be independent. Today we saw him interact with the kids in the class.

Mother: We are very excited about the program that is going to be full day.

Father: We drop them off at the same time, pick them up both at the same time and we have that longer period so it's actually easier to adjust who's going to pick up and those kinds of things. Even now I'm sure if we say we are to go home, he's going to cry.

Teacher: (to students) I'm thinking of a story that goes like this, “You need to use your thinking...”
(to camera) I'm excited about full-day kindergarten because it's a wonderful opportunity to embark on the beginning journeys of adventure of learning through play and working with an early childhood educator. We both will come with an expertise and knowledge about how children learn through play with real life, authentic experiences and how we can explore, experience and extend our learning that will transfer into later skills into Grade 1 and future citizens.

(to student) Do you hear that? Is it working?

Early Childhood Educator: I'm an early childhood educator and I'm really excited about working for the full-day early learning program in September. I've worked in half-day kindergarten programs and the best learning takes place when it's consistent every day. We can do so much more when it's full day every day.

Principal: A full-day learning school will create a situation where students go to school all day, every day just like every other student in Grade 1 to 8. That's helped us add one full academic year to a four- and five-year-old's life prior to them entering Grade 1. And it just gives us so many more opportunities to build early skills that will pay off for the rest of their career as students.

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