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A parent and staff at école élémentaire catholique Jean Paul II talk about the importance of play-based learning for young children.

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Teacher's aide: It is not winter in Quebec?

Valérie Bidal, kindergarten student: No, it is always warm in Quebec

Teacher's aide: It is always warm in Quebec???

Chantal Bidal, Valérie's mother: Valérie Bidal is my daughter, she is sitting on a chair, dressed in a train engineer uniform. The full-time kindergarten program is an advantage for our family because right now I am a stay-at-home mom, I have a baby, and besides she likes being in school all day, she loves school. At home she plays at being in school.

The children: Santa Clau...

Chantal Bidal, Valérie's mother: In my opinion, children need to play. When they enroll in kindergarten, they are three, four years old, and by imitating and modeling the teacher helps them retain this knowledge.

Edith Ouellet, preschool teacher: The parents whose children will go to full-time junior and senior kindergarten will enjoy seeing their child learn a lot of new things.

There have been studies for a very long time stating that young children, three, four and five years old, learn best by playing. These centres are designed based on the full-time program of JK and SK.…

Mélanie Gendron, early childhood educator: We decided to make a train and to include all the children, there are passengers, engineers. I know, I specialize a little in child development, child psychology from zero to 6 years, this can help children improve their knowledge, their social skills, play all day while learning…