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Transitioning into full-day kindergarten

Lindsay, Ontario

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Deborah White, parent: We were hesitant about the full-day program for Alex because we didn't think he would do well with coming to school every day, that he would be extremely tired. The full-day kindergarten has been phenomenal. The team environment, with the combination of the teacher and ECE has been great, combined with the play learning, seems really to have worked.

Greg Piggott, kindergarten teacher: At the beginning of this school year there were a lot of parents that were concerned that the day was going to be too long. By mid to late November, sitting down with the parents and having interviews with the parents, their minds had totally changed.

Michelle Davidson, early childhood educator: Our kids, most of them are reading now and the parents can feel the success that's happening in the classroom. They know that the kids are doing really well and that makes them happy.

Deborah White, parent: What's your favourite thing to do in kindergarten?

Child: Work!

Deborah White, parent: Work! He likes to work. He has just grown by leaps and bounds in terms of socialization with his peers and singing songs and knowing his numbers and his addition. I couldn't have asked for a better program. It works for us, it works for Alex. We're really happy with it.