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Extended care for kindergarten kids

Milton, Ontario

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Alex Walker, kindergarten student: My name is Alex. I'm in senior kindergarten. My mommy drives the car to school after breakfast. My favourite things to do at school are playing with Lego.

Tania Walker, Alex's mom: We moved into Milton about two and a half years ago. As a working parent, I needed something that would accommodate my child care as well as it would accommodate academic needs. Knowing Alex, he needed more learning, more development, and I was thrilled to find out that P.L. Robertson was not just our community school but also a school that offered the full-day ELP program but also the before- and after-school program.

Lisa Morrison, early childhood educator: I think with the extended-day and the full-day kindergarten, it's taken so much stress off parents' lives. They don't have to look for care every other day. We're here for them. We provide them with that care. It's a seamless day for the child. They're in one environment. They're in one place.

Tania Walker: Him having this program, he is learning so much. He is in a program from the minute I drop him off, to the minute I pick him up and it's worked out really well for us.