School Information Finder

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Ministry of Education develop the School Information Finder?

This tool was developed to give parents a reliable source of information about Ontario's publicly funded schools. Information about student achievement, the student population and the school itself provides a richer profile of each school and helps provide overall context.

The School Information Finder increases the transparency and accountability of Ontario's publicly funded school system. It provides information to encourage a more informed dialogue about schools and school communities. This information enables all members of the school community to be informed participants in the school improvement process.

Why isn't there more information on the school profile?

The current version of the School Information Finder is a first step. Future enhancements to the site are being considered. If you'd like to make suggestions for additional information to be added, please complete the School Information Finder survey.

Currently, the school profiles contain some information that is gathered by the Ministry of Education and some information that is publicly available from other sources.

We encourage you to visit the school's website and contact the school or school board directly for more information about a school.

Can I choose which school to send my children to?

School boards may have their own policy about how students are assigned to schools or whether families can choose which school to attend. You should visit the school board website or contact the school or school board staff for more information about school boundary policies in your area. Each school profile in the School Information Finder includes contact information.

How current is the information in the School Information Finder?

The information in the School Information Finder is the most current available to the Ministry of Education at this time, as reported by schools, school boards, EQAO and Statistics Canada.

Most of the information currently on the site, excluding student achievement information, is from the 2019-20 school year.

Some of the student population information is calculated using postal code data and information from Statistics Canada's 2016 census .

The information is updated as frequently as possible.

Why do school profiles include student population information?

Providing both the achievement results and the demographic data allows all members of the school community – including parents – to engage in informed discussions about school improvement.

It allows people to have information about a school that goes beyond provincial assessment scores and provides more context around the school. Comparisons among schools are inevitable. This context enables comparison on an “apples-to-apples” basis.

The information on each profile supports school communities learning from one another, and in particular from “like schools.” It allows for greater transparency and a more informed dialogue with the school and the school community about the school and its achievement levels, as well as the programs and services it provides to its students.

I looked at the schools in my area, and I don't think the student population data makes any sense. Could it be wrong?

The student population data on the School Information Finder is dependent on information from the school boards and Statistics Canada.

Some information—students receiving special education or gifted services, students whose first language was not English or French and students who are new to Canada—is reported by students to their school and reported to the Ministry. The information is presented as a percentage of the total school population.

The information about lower-income households and parental education is gathered by Statistics Canada according to certain geographic areas, not by individual families. This data is cross-referenced against student postal codes that school boards report to the Ministry of Education. Each school's percentage for these categories is calculated based on the number of students in the school from each postal code within a geographic area.

I think there's wrong information posted about my school. What should I do?

Talk to your school staff to make sure they have reported the information to their board or to the Ministry of Education. If they have and the information is still out-of-date or not available, please e-mail with the specifics.

My town's not listed in the menu, but it's in the school's address. Is that a mistake?

In the past 15 years, many smaller towns and cities have been amalgamated into larger municipalities. In general, the town/city search menu includes all official municipalities in Ontario.

However, some schools have submitted their address information to the Ministry of Education using their former town or city name. For example, if you search for schools in Toronto, some of the schools will have addresses in Etobicoke or Scarborough.

If you are having difficulty finding schools in a particular city you may also try using the postal code search function.