Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Success Stories

Schools have done some great activities for bullying awareness and prevention. Here are some examples:

Champlain Discovery School, Pembroke (2010-2011)

Staff and students at Champlain Discovery School celebrated Bullying Awareness and Prevention week with a variety of activities. Students wrote and then read aloud stories about bullying and how it made students feel. Students also created artwork which was displayed throughout the school. Daily announcements included facts about bullying, and allowed students time to reflect on how bullying affects students and the entire school community. On Thursday, November 18, the school support counsellor rallied staff and students to wear pink and show their support for bullying awareness and prevention at a school assembly.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School, Ottawa (2010-2011)

St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School got the whole school involved during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. On Friday, November 19, student representatives and peer mentors met with all classes in homerooms to ask that all students and teachers participate in the provincial campaign to prevent bullying. They created a mural to support their motto, "Hands Joining Hands to Stop the Cycle of Bullying." Students created and signed over 1,000 paper hands and placed them around their mural as a pledge to end bullying.

Dr. G. W. Williams Secondary School, Aurora (2009-10)

Bullying is a sensitive but important issue. So staff and students at Dr. G. W. Williams Secondary School held a bullying prevention assembly to help bring awareness to the subject. At the assembly, all teaching and support staff wore pink shirts to promote the cause of a bully-free school environment. The message struck a chord with students, as a week later they conducted their own pink-shirt campaign to show continued support of bullying prevention. "Creating awareness about the effects of bullying requires a community effort," said Joseph Collins, teacher at Dr. G. W. Williams and the organizer of the bullying prevention assembly. "We're especially proud of our students for accepting responsibility and taking action against bullying."

Christ the King Catholic Elementary School, Richmond Hill (2008-09)

At Christ the King Catholic Elementary School in Richmond Hill, students and staff can be involved in a variety of initiatives to promote positive behaviour and prevent bullying. Every month, school staff nominate students who clearly demonstrate character virtues. And, students can nominate their peers who are "caught caring" by putting their names in a jar that sits in every classroom. Students are then recognized at a virtue assembly for their acts of kindness and displays of virtue. "It's a wonderful opportunity for us to come together as a community," said Principal Jacquie Cushing Dill. Intermediate students can also get involved with the student-led Luke 4:18 Social Justice Committee to take on leadership roles and help make a difference.

Student Artwork

Emily Sanderson, Grade 7
King George Public School, Guelph

Tanpreet Gidda, Grade 7
King George Public School, Guelph

Pam Hammer, Grade 7
North Easthope Public School, Stratford

Emma Lichti, Grade 7
North Easthope Public School, Stratford