Safe Schools: What are schools doing?

What are schools doing?

Safe Schools Teams
Every public school in Ontario is required to have a safe schools team. The team is made up of parent representatives, students, the school principal teachers, non-teaching staff and a community partner. The team must review the results of the school's School Climate Survey.

Staff Training
Teachers and principals have received training on bullying prevention and, most recently, on Keeping Our Kids Safe At School Act to understand responding and reporting requirements.

Code of Conduct
Ontario's provincial code of conduct sets clear standards of behaviour for individual school boards to follow, so they can develop their own codes of conduct. Each board must follow the Ontario code of conduct. Each school must have a code of conduct and a bullying prevention and intervention plan and procedures in place as part of their School Improvement Plan.

Promoting Positive School Climate
Promoting a Positive School Climate is a resource that provides examples of practices and activities that will help schools improve the overall school climate. Many of the suggestions offered may be familiar and may already be happening in schools. This resource has been designed to help schools and safe schools teams identify practices that could work for schools or be adapted to suit their needs.