Safe Schools: What is the ministry doing?

What is the ministry doing?

We are committed to providing a safe learning and teaching environment. That's why Ontario has a safe schools strategy in place and specific policies to help prevent bullying in schools.

Safe Schools Strategy

This strategy requires that all schools have a bullying prevention and intervention plan and procedures in place, as well as a safe schools team. Schools have been provided with resources and training for teachers and principals. Our partnership with Kids Help Phone helps them provide confidential counselling services for children and youth.

Ontario's new approach to discipline

This strategy is based on a new approach to discipline. “Progressive discipline” involves the whole school and promotes a positive school climate. It enables the principal to choose the appropriate consequences to address inappropriate student behaviour and offers students multiple supports to promote positive behaviour.

Code of Conduct

Ontario's Code of Conduct sets clear standards of behaviour by outlining the roles and responsibilities for everyone in the school community, including students, parents, school staff and community partners.

Bill 212 – Progressive Discipline and School Safety

Whether it happens in person or online, students who engage in bullying, including cyberbullying, can get suspended from school. These rules apply to both elementary and secondary students.

Policy/Program Memorandum 144

This memorandum defines bullying and outlines expectations for school boards on bullying prevention and intervention.

Registry of Resources

This registry provides information about resources to help prevent bullying and promote safe and inclusive schools. The resources may be suitable for purchase and use in elementary and secondary schools.

Keeping Our Kids Safe at School Act

This legislation came into effect February 1, 2010 and builds on Ontario's safe schools strategy. It deals with how staff must report serious incidents, including bullying, and respond to inappropriate behaviours that take place at school.

Sample School Climate Surveys

These sample surveys can help schools assess perceptions of safety. This information must be used to help schools and safe and accepting schools teams make planning decisions about how to help prevent all forms of bullying and harassment, and promote safe, inclusive and accepting schools.

Ontario Equity and Inclusive Strategy

The Ontario Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy was launched in April, 2010. This new strategy outlines how the ministry, school boards and schools are supporting stronger equity and inclusive education. Read the strategy, as well as the new policy and program memoranda and guidelines.

Character Development

The goal of the Character Development initiative is to develop school environments where all people – students, teachers, administrators and support staff – treat each other with care and respect. This initiative supports academic achievement by developing well-rounded citizens who will help build respectful, safe, caring and inclusive school environments.

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Ontario's Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week will be recognized the third week of every November, starting with November 13-19, 2011. Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week focuses the school community on promoting a safer learning environment for all students, which is essential to their success. It is also a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of bullying-related issues with parents and the local community.