Safe Schools: Reporting and Responding to School Incidents


Information for School Staff on Reporting and Responding to School Incidents

New legislation that came into effect on February 1, 2010, affects how all school board employees handle serious student incidents at school and school-related activities.

Bill 157, Keeping our Kids Safe at School Act, requires:

  • all school staff to report serious student incidents to the principal that could lead to suspension or expulsion.
  • principals to contact the parents of victims of these types of incidents.
  • staff who work directly with students to respond to incidents at school that have a negative impact on the school climate. These could include inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour, such as racist or sexist comments, graffiti or vandalism – incidents that are unacceptable in our schools, as well as incidents that can lead to suspension or expulsion.

Learn more about the requirements coming from the legislation and your responsibilities through the following materials:

  • Video training: This training video provides staff in Ontario school boards with an orientation to Bill 157, Keeping Our Kids Safe at School Act, its Regulation 472/07 and related policies.
  • Reporting Requirements for School Bus Drivers: The new law requires school bus drivers to report to the principal serious student incidents that happen on their bus. Read more about these requirements (PDF, 49 KB).
  • Requirements for Occasional Teachers: The new law applies to all teachers. A concise flyer (PDF, 235 KB) outlines their responsibilities.
  • Questions and Answers – Read responses to questions from boards on the implementation of the safe schools changes.