Safe and Accepting Schools: Awards Criteria

Congratulations to recipients of the 2017-18 Premier's Awards for Accepting Schools!

Thank you to everyone who nominated a safe and accepting schools team!

Awards Criteria

What are the awards criteria?

Recipients of the Premier's Awards for Accepting Schools will be safe and accepting schools teams who:

  1. Demonstrate initiative, creativity, and leadership in at least 3 of the following areas related to school climate, as identified in the ministry's Promoting a Positive School Climate resource (PDF, 80 KB):
    • a) Student Voice
      b) Parent Engagement
      c) Community Partnerships
      d) Learning Environment
      e) Social – Emotional Environment
      f) Physical Environment
  1. Identify the specific challenges faced by the team and how they were addressed.
  1. Provide evidence that their activities have made a significant difference in the school/school community.

Who is eligible?

All safe and accepting schools teams across Ontario.

Who makes up a safe and accepting schools team?

Every school in Ontario has a safe and accepting schools team that is responsible for fostering a safe, inclusive and accepting school climate.

Every team should include at least one student.

Every team must also include the principal and at least:

  • one parent
  • one teacher
  • one non-teaching staff member
  • one community partner, e.g., public health unit or the local police

  • The chair of the team must be a staff member.

An existing school committee such as the healthy schools committee can add to their responsibilities and assume the role of a safe and accepting schools team.

Anyone in the school community can nominate a safe and accepting schools team for a Premier's Award for Accepting Schools, and a team can also nominate itself.