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2008 Ontario Education Research Symposium

Summary report including PowerPoint presentations

The Ministry of Education held its third annual Education Research Symposium in Toronto from January 31 – February 2, 2008. The symposium's primary goals were to:

  • Foster and support a collaborative relationship among educators, researchers, and policy makers focused on a shared commitment to improving the education system for all students
  • Profile and develop connections between research, policy and practice at all levels of the education system
  • Showcase Ontario examples of research into practice and practice-led research in relation to the ministry's strategic goals
  • Stimulate inquiry and foster high quality research activity (including identifying new research questions; conducting, disseminating, interpreting, and/or applying research in response to these questions)
  • Engage the Ontario education community in identifying opportunities for collaboration and partnership to advance education research as a support for improved teaching and learning.

Click on the attached summary report to see PowerPoints presented at the symposium, including those of the keynote speakers, along with descriptions of the "storefront sessions." Click on "program" to see streamed video of many segments of the symposium.

2007 Ontario Education Research Symposium

From January 18 to 20, 2007, the Ministry of Education held its second annual Education Research Symposium in Toronto. The symposium's primary goals were:

  • to strengthen relationships with those who have stakes in education research in Ontario; and
  • to serve as a forum for disseminating research findings among researchers and for considering research implications and applications.

The articles below, presented at the sympsosium, explore a number of topical questions, such as:

  1. What do we know about "what works" in relation to this topic?
  2. What are some practical implications of what we know?
  3. What do we not know?
  4. What are some directions for future research?

Click on article titles to view the full text in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Please note that the opinions expressed in these papers are those of the authors themselves, and do not necessarily reflect the policies, programs or directions of the Government of Ontario.

2006 Ontario Education Research Symposium

Program from the Ministry of Education's first Education Research Symposium