Research in Education

University Building The Ontario Ministry of Education is committed to developing and implementing policies, programs, and practices that are evidence-based, research-informed, and connected to provincial education goals.

Ministry's Research & Evaluation Strategy

  • MISA Professional Network Centres
    The Managing Information for Student Achievement Professional Network Centres assist in building local capacity to work with data in support of evidence-informed decision making and undertake a broad range of localresearch in this area.
  • Ontario Education Research Panel (OERP)
    External champions of the ministry's Research & Evaluation Strategy, the OERP is focused on fostering research networks and partnerships, mobilizing research and evaluation knowledge, and engaging practitioners in the effective use of evidence to support student achievement. Materials (print and video) by and about the OERP are included here.
  • Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research
    The Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research focuses on building, advancing and applying robust evidence of effective practices through conducting research, synthesizing state-of-the-art knowledge from existing bodies of evidence (from Ontario and beyond) and facilitating networks of policy makers, educators and researchers working collaboratively to apply research to practice.

Research by and about the Ontario Ministry of Education

Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE)

Research in Brief
Shares ministry research and evaluation in short, easily-understood formats

  • What Works? Research Into Practice
    The research summaries in this collection highlight promising teaching practice at the classroom level. Produced by a partnership between the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat and the Ontario Association of Deans of Education, the articles are written by scholars at Ontario universities who are experts in the field of education.

Ontario Education Research Symposia

Annual event at which researchers, educators and policy makers build networks and partnerships, gain insights into existing education research, identify gaps for future research, and share approaches for connecting research to practice. Various years include papers, presentations and summary reports.

Conference Presentations by the Ontario Ministry of Education

Canadian and International Research

Websites devoted to research in education from: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and other international sites.