Research in Education

MISA Professional Network Centres

The Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) initiative is increasing both provincial and local capacity to work with data and information to support improved student outcomes. An important part of the Local Capacity Building portion of the initiative includes supporting seven MISA Professional Network Centres (PNCs) across the province; six regional and one French-language centre.

The MISA PNCs function as linked professional learning communities and complement the efforts of individual boards and schools. The centres assist in building local capacity to work with data in support of evidence-informed decision making and undertake a broad range of local research in this area.

Barrie Region MISA PNC
Executive Lead Contact:
Chris Conley
Research Analyst
Accountability and Assessment
Durham District School Board

French-Language MISA PNC
Executive Lead Contact:
Nicole D'hondt
CRP GIARE francophone
Executive Lead Contact, French-Language MISA PNC
Conseil scolaire catholique Providence
888-768-2219 ext. 272 or 519-948-9227 ext. 272

London Region MISA PNC
Christine Battagli
Consultant - Research, Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting
Niagara Catholic District School Board
905-735-0240 ext. 244

Ottawa Region MISA PNC
Executive Lead Contact:
Brenda Wilson
Superintendent, Student Success-Learning Technologies
Ottawa Catholic District School Board
To reach Brenda Wilson contact Karen Drolet at 613-224-4455 ext. 2303 or by email at

Sudbury/North Bay Region MISA PNC
Executive Lead Contact:
Anna-Marie Aquino
Principal, St. Hubert Catholic Elementary School
Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board
Anna-Marie Aquino's Secretary, Nancy Francis can be contacted by telephone at 705-472-2770 and via email at

Thunder Bay Region MISA PNC

Executive Lead Contact:
Colleen Kappel
Superintendent of Education
Lakehead District School Board

Toronto Region MISA PNC
Roula Anastasakos
Executive Superintendent