Elementary and Secondary Education Links

  • Association for Experiential Education
    The Association for Experiential Education is a not-for-profit, international professional organization with roots in adventure education, committed to the development, practice, and evaluation of experiential learning in all settings.
  • Canadian Education Association
    A central source for information on education in Canada, the CEA is a national, bilingual non-profit organization that provides research and forums for collaboration through activities, special projects, and various committees.
  • Department for Education
    The website of the British Department for Education and Skills includes the complete National Curriculum used in English schools, as well as assessment results, information about education initiatives and training programs.
  • Women's History
    The Ontario Women's Directorate, in partnership with the Ontario History and Social Sciences Teachers' Association and the Ontario Women's History Network, has developed resources for instructors who work with children between the ages of eight and 14 on the contribution, achievements and history of women in Ontario and Canada.
  • The Learning Partnership
    A non-profit organization that (a) aims to encourage students to stay in school, (b) helps prepare students for the transition from the classroom to the world of work, (c) provides opportunities for students to read, write and think, and (d) promotes careers in science and technology.
  • MediaSmarts
    A non-profit Canadian site dedicated to media education and awareness among young people, offering a wide range of copyright-cleared resources to help teachers integrate media literacy into their classrooms.
  • Ontario Agri-Food Education
    A non-profit initiative to increase students' awareness and understanding of food and food production, OAFE provides educational materials and professional development opportunities for Ontario teachers.
  • Ontario Association for Counselling and Attendance Services (O.A.C.A.S.)
    The Ontario Association for Counselling and Attendance Services (O.A.C.A.S.) is a provincial organization which represents counsellors working in the area of school attendance counselling. The purpose of the Association, founded in 1954, is to encourage attendance counselling services throughout Ontario.
  • e-Learning Ontario
    formely known as "Ontario Knowledge Network for Learning (OKNL)" is a provincial initiative to enhance learning, teaching and parents' involvement in their children's education through information and communications technology.
  • Ontario Physical and Health Education Association
    Providing leadership, advocacy and resources in the area of physical and health education, OPHEA aims to help Ontario's young people make a commitment to healthy, active living.
  • SchoolNet News Network (SNN)
    SchoolNet News Network (SNN), and its French counterpart, Rédaction de Rescol (RDR) is a cyber-school for writers, aspiring journalists, a multimedia publishing and broadcasting forum for their stories and a resource centre for teachers. SNN is open to all K-12 students in Canada in both official languages.
  • SNOW: Special Needs Opportunity Windows
    Designed to provide interactive and educational learning experience, the informative SNOW website offers original information on special education and technology in the classroom.
  • U.S. Department of Education
    The website of the American national education department, offering publications and education resources developed in the United States.