Postsecondary Opportunities You can download the complete version 2011 Ontario Prospects as a PDF

Is college or university right for you?

Postsecondary Student When you're in high school, it's hard to think about the future. Going to college or university can seem out of reach – either too difficult or unaffordable. The truth is very different. Ontario offers a wide range of opportunities that will help you turn your passion into an exciting career. The Ontario government has launched a new website –– that provides information about the many options you have, helps you decide what college, university, or training program is right for you, and shows you how you can reach your destination.

Why is a postsecondary education so important?

Ontario's economy is strong, but it is also changing rapidly. In today's knowledge economy, most new jobs – up to 70 percent – require employees to have some kind of postsecondary education. Ontario's colleges and universities are expanding, modernizing, and becoming more innovative to ensure that Ontarians can obtain the education they need to succeed. The Ontario government has invested heavily in postsecondary education and training, because when you succeed, Ontario thrives.

Can I afford college or university?

The government has enhanced the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and introduced the Student Access Guarantee to ensure that no qualified student is prevented from going to college or university because he or she can't afford it. OSAP provides more funding, including nonrepayable grants, to more Ontarians and limits the amount of debt a student can accumulate to $7,300 per year. If OSAP doesn't cover the amount you need for tuition, books, and mandatory fees, colleges and universities are required to make up the difference through a range of nonrepayable options. Applying for OSAP is easier than it used to be. Applications for full- and part-time students are available online months earlier than in other provinces, and online tools allow you to estimate how much assistance you will receive. The new OSAP Mobile App lets you check the status of your application anywhere and anytime from your smart phone.

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