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Career Cruising

You can download the complete version 2011 Ontario Prospects as a PDF

Every day, you're one step closer to graduation and the rest of your life. As exciting as finishing high school is, life after high school will present you with almost endless options, and that can be stressful. That's where Career Cruising can help!

Career Cruising portfolio

Career Cruising A Career Cruising portfolio can help you organize your career and postsecondary plan, build a high school course plan that will help you reach your goals and create a professionally formatted résumé quickly and easily. Your portfolio can stay with you through every year of your education, even when you change schools.

Log in to your portfolio

The first step is to log in to your Career Cruising portfolio at www.careercruising.com. Every student at every publicly funded Ontario elementary, middle and high school has access to Career Cruising. If you aren't sure how to log in, talk to your teacher or guidance counsellor, or email info@careercruising.com (be sure to let us know which school you attend!). Your portfolio is a place to save your Career Matchmaker results, and information about careers and schools of interest; you can also use it to store any postsecondary planning ideas, and to record skills, work and volunteer and extracurricular experiences, as well as documents related to them.

You can make the transition from high school to postsecondary or a career as smooth as possible by taking advantage of all the planning and research tools that Career Cruising offers, and logging in to your portfolio frequently to keep your plans and experience up to date. If your teacher or counsellor would like you to create a Career Cruising portfolio and you already have one, let that person know!