Student Success/Learning to 18

Student Success/Learning to 18Each student is an individual with unique interests, goals and strengths. And each should be given the same opportunity to succeed in high school. That's why the government has launched the $1.3 billion Student Success Strategy to reach every student.

Ontario is transforming the high school experience through this strategy. It gives students more ways to accumulate credits to graduate, while improving the quality of a high school education in this province.

The strategy will also help Ontario reach the government's graduation target of 85 per cent by 2010-11. This means 20,000 more graduates each year once the target is achieved.

At the heart of the Student Success initiative are six innovative new programs that allow students to customize their high school experience around learning that's relevant to them.

These six ways include new Specialist High Skills Majors that let students bundle courses to prepare for specific careers. Students can also take advantage of dual credit programs, expanded co-operative education and innovative Lighthouse projects that could include credit recovery and alternative education.

Students are also receiving better support through new Student Success Teams and a new Grade 8-9 transition plan.