December 2017

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Issue Date From To Document Title/Details
7/12/2017 Bruce Rodrigues
Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education
Directors of Education Memo: Policy/Program Memorandum 151: Professional Activity Days Devoted To Provincial Education Priorities

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PPM 151: Professional Activity Days Devoted To Provincial Education Priorities

7/12/2017 Cathy Montreuil
Chief Student Achievement Officer
Assistant Deputy Minister
Student Achievement Division
Directors of Education

Secretary-Treasurers and Supervisory Officers of School Authorities
Course Descriptions and Code for Cooperative Education Curriculum
4/12/2017 Marg Connor
Director, Policy Implementation Branch

Lillian Patry
Director (Acting), French-Language Teaching, Learning and Achievement Branch
Directors of Education

Secretary-Treasurers of School Authorities

Director of Provincial and Demonstration Schools
Community-Connected Experiential Learning Call for Proposals for Projects 2017‑18

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Appendix A: Call for proposals for Community-Connected Experiential Learning Opportunities for Students Kindergarten to Grade 12 – 2017-2018 School Year

Appendix B: Community-Connected Experiential Learning Application

4/12/2017 Bruce W. Shaw
Director, Students Achievement Supports Branch
Student Achievement Division
Ministry of Education
Directors of Education Renewed Mathematics Strategy (RMS) Survey of Educators
4/12/2017 Ministry of Education Principals of publicly funded schools with grades 7-12 2017-18 SpeakUp Project Grants have been extended!
4/12/2017 Joshua Paul
Assistant Deputy Minister
Capital and Business Support Division
Directors of Education

Senior Business Officials
2014 B14: Executive Compensation – Next Steps for Proposed School Board Executive Compensation Programs