June 2016

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24/6/2016 Mitzie Hunter

Partnership Table

Letter from the Minister of Education

21/6/2016 Nancy Matthews
Deputy Minister
Directors of Education
Director, Provincial Schools Branch

Student Injury Prevention Initiative: Update and Funding

21/6/2016 Karen Gill
Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch

Denys Giguère
French-Language Education Policy and Programs Branch
Directors of Education

Secretary Treasurers of School Authorities

Principals of Provincial and Demonstration Schools

Secondary School Literacy Graduation Requirement: Adjudication Process for 2016

See also:

The Literacy Graduation Requirement – Adjudication Application Form

16/6/2016 Gabriel F. Sékaly
Assistant Deputy Minister
Financial Policy and Business Division

Andrew Davis
Assistant Deputy Minister (A)
Education Labour Relations Division
Directors of Education
Secretary/Treasurers of School Authorities

2016 B12: 1. Grants for Student Needs Funding Regulations for 2016–17
2. Fees For Central Bargaining for the 2016-2017 School Board Fiscal Year Regulation

15/6/2016 Claire Corinthios
Director (A)
Education Statistics and Analysis Branch
«Director Name»
«Director of Education or Secretary/Treasurer»
«Board or School Authority Name»

2016-17 School Year Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Local Capacity Building (LCB) Funded Activity Report Template and Supporting Documents

10/6/2016 Bruce Shaw
Student Achievement Division
Ministry of Education
Directors of Education

2016-2017 Tutors In The Classroom Program

10/6/2016 Liz Sandals

Chairs of District School Boards

Implementation Timelines and Supports for the Kindergarten Addendum to Growing Success and the Communication of Learning Templates