Leadership Development: Working Together

Working Together

Ontario is committed to working with school and system leaders to support student achievement, school improvement and leadership development.

Here are some of the ways Ontario is working closely with school and system leaders:

Minister's Principal Reference Group

The Minister's Principal Reference Group (MPRG) is a component of the Ontario Leadership Strategy. The group includes 20 members, with a balance between principals and vice-principals. The members represent the different elements of the publicly funded education system -- elementary and secondary, Catholic and public, English and French, rural and urban.

The purpose of the reference group is to:

  • Increase the voice of principals and vice-principals in the education system;
  • Provide a forum for gathering information on the development, implementation and impact of education policies and programs;
  • Gather group members’ insights, feedback and advice on ministry initiatives that affect schools, students and the role of principals, with a focus on the individual experiences and perspectives of principals and vice-principals; and
  • Provide group members with an opportunity to discuss the implications of policy and program initiatives and to share effective practices on managing challenges.

Group m embers are nominated by district school boards and principals’ associations and appointed by the Minister for two-year terms.

Institute for Education Leadership

The Institute for Education Leadership is a partnership made up of representatives from principals’, supervisory officers’ and directors’ associations as well as from the ministry. The mission of the institute is to model and promote high-calibre, results-based strategic leadership to support school and system leaders in their efforts to improve student outcomes.

The Ontario Leadership Congress/Symposium

The Ontario Leadership Congress/Symposium is a component of the Ontario Leadership Strategy that brings together teams of school and system leaders from each school district in Ontario for a facilitated conference focused on advancing the goals of Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario.