Leadership Development: Mentoring


Mentoring for Newly Appointed School Leaders – Principals and Vice-Principals

Newly appointed principals and vice-principals receive mentoring support in their first and second years of practice. Experienced principals and vice-principals also receive support and resources to prepare them to become effective mentors and continue developing their own leadership competencies. Since 2008, the government has invested $9.7 million to support mentoring across the province. Support will continue in 2011-12 as part of Board Leadership Development Strategy (BLDS) funding.

Mentoring for Newly Appointed System Leaders – Directors and Supervisory Officers

The ministry continues to provide funding to the associations in 2011-12 to implement mentoring based on requirements set out in the Mentoring for Newly Appointed System Leaders Guideline (forthcoming).

Resources for mentors and mentees

The following resources are provided through the Ministry of Education and Association partners. Contact the mentoring lead in your school board for more information.