Leadership Development: System Leaders

System Leaders

Ontario's system leaders – directors and supervisory officers – have a crucial role to play in creating the conditions for success within the publicly funded education system.

Ontario Leadership Framework

The Ontario Leadership Framework is designed to:

  • Inspire a shared vision of leadership in schools and boards
  • Promote a common language that fosters an understanding of leadership and what it means to be a school and system leader
  • Identify the practices and competencies that describe effective leadership
  • Guide the design and implementation of professional learning and development for school and system leaders
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PPM 152: Terms and Conditions of Employment of Principals and Vice-principals and Effective Practices Guide

On February 12, 2010 the Ministry announced PPM 152: Terms and Conditions of Employment of Principals and Vice-principals. The purpose of this memorandum is to set out provincial standards of practice to assist school boards in establishing terms and conditions of employment of principals and vice-principals that are consistent province-wide. All boards must implement the memorandum by March 31, 2011.

As a resource for PPM 152, the Ministry has developed an effective practices guide (PDF, 30 KB) that describes practices that boards could use to inform their consultation with principals and vice-principals. This guide is the result of the discussions and agreements of a work group that included representatives from principal associations and supervisory officer associations and directors of education.

Leadership Career Options

The need to recruit and retain superintendents, principals and vice-principals means that succession planning and leadership development must become a priority for Ontario schools and school boards.

Professional Learning

Professional learning is a key aspect of leadership development. The resources and links below may help you while planning for professional learning, whether it is for you, your school or your board.

Mentoring for Newly Appointed System Leaders – Directors and Supervisory Officers

Mentoring for newly appointed Directors and Supervisory Officers was implemented province-wide in 2009-10 following a field test in 2008-09. The ministry continues to support this initiative. System leaders who are in their first and second years in the role are eligible to receive mentoring supports.

Tools for School Board Employees

Succession Planning for Leadership in Ontario Schools and School Boards
The Institute for Education Leadership commissioned The Learning Partnership to undertake a comprehensive research study on succession planning for leadership in Ontario schools and school boards. The study examines current knowledge about succession planning, the demographics of the pool of current leaders, the factors motivating and discouraging people from assuming the role, and current practices and challenges in Ontario. This study is available on the Research page of the Institute for Education Leadership website.