Leadership Development: Institute for Education Leadership

Institute for Education Leadership

The Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) is a virtual organization that includes representatives from principals’ and supervisory officers’ associations, Ontario Association of Senior Business Officials (OASBO), Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) and the Ministry of Education.

The IEL seeks to assist school and system leaders in maximizing the achievement and well-being of all children and youth.

The IEL influences and supports provincial program and policy development, the implementation of the Ontario Leadership Strategy (OLS) and the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) through a collaborative network of ministry and professional associations of school and system leaders.

The IEL has established three key goals:

  1. Engage in professional inquiry as it relates to the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) and the Ontario Leadership Strategy (OLS);
  2. Influence leadership practice through the ongoing development and implementation of the OLF and the OLS; and
  3. Promote and mobilize research on effective leadership practice.

The institute was announced in December 2005 in the ministry's discussion paper Leading Education: New Supports for Principals and Vice-Principals in Ontario Publicly Funded Schools.


The institute is governed by a steering committee, composed of one representative from each of the member organizations. The steering committee makes decisions by consensus. This structure ensures a collaborative approach. There are also four subcommittees (research advisory, communications, implementation and francophone advisory). The IEL is funded by the Ministry of Education.

Contributions to Effective Leadership Practice

  • French-language Education in Ontario: A Fresh Perspective on Leadership Practices research
  • Revisions to the Ontario Leadership Framework to include personal leadership resources
  • The Ontario Leadership Framework 2012 with a Discussion of the Research Foundations
  • Strong Districts and Their Leadership research paper commissioned by the IEL and CODE
  • Strong Districts and Their Leadership Project – implementation of the nine characteristics of strong districts – modules, case studies and videos
  • Self-Assessment Tools for School and System Leaders
  • Annual Orientation for Newly Appointed Supervisory Officers
  • Transition to the Role of Principal and Vice-Principal Study commissioned by the IEL
  • Supports for Principals and Vice-Principals Transitioning to the Role - New Administrators’ Seminar
  • Leading Safe and Accepting Schools Project – toolkit, resources and webcasts
  • Personal Leadership Resources – guest speakers, case studies and interview questions
  • APPLIKI - a succession planning search engine for Ontario educators
  • Professional Resource Library – a full list of resources is available on the IEL website.