School Board Leadership and Governance

Effective leadership and good governance are the bedrock of a successful education system. School leadership is second only to classroom teaching in its influence on student achievement and well-being. Effective leadership and governance across the education system enable professional collaboration.

Leadership Development
A wide range of resources for school and system leaders.

School Board Governance
Governance resources for trustees, school board staff, directors of education, and school communities, as well as reports on governance reviews undertaken in Ontario’s school boards.

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Leadership Development

Ontario Leadership Strategy
A comprehensive plan of action that supports student achievement and well-being by attracting and developing skilled and passionate school and system leaders.

Leadership Framework
Core leadership competencies and effective practices for principals, vice-principals and supervisory officers.

Institute for Education Leadership
The Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) explores education leadership and develops high-quality resources for school and system leaders.

Ontario Leadership Congress/Symposium
Highlights from past Congresses.

Board Leadership Development Strategy
A systematic approach to fostering high-quality leadership, focused on student achievement and well-being, in boards across Ontario.

Mentoring for newly appointed school and system leaders.

Minister’s Principal Reference Group
A look at the role of the principal, bringing expert opinion from the front line in schools that reflects the individual experiences and perspectives of principals and vice-principals.

Principal Performance Appraisal
A growth-based process for building principal and vice-principal leadership capacity.

Articles about Leadership – In Conversation
A series of thought-provoking papers to support professional learning and dialogue.

Articles about Leadership – Ideas Into Action
A professional learning series that provides research insights and practical strategies for school and system leaders.

Articles about Leadership – Principals Want to Know
A professional learning series that provides research insights and practical strategies for school and system leaders.

Articles about Leadership – Leadership for Learning
Professional learning series for educators that provides information about current research and evidence-based strategies aligned with Ontario Leadership Framework and in support of collaborative professionalism.

School Board Governance

Spotlight information

Multi-Year Strategic Planning: A Guide for School Board Trustees (2017), available in PDF format (1.17 MB), is a new streamlined resource developed by the ministry in collaboration with its partners and designed to support Ontario school boards with their responsibility to develop, implement, and monitor a multi-year strategic plan.

Good Governance: A Guide for Trustees, School Boards, Directors of Education and Communities is a substantive introduction to Ontario's education system with practical information about effective school board governance. The guide is made available through the Ontario Education Services Corporation.

Governance Resources
School board governance resources for school board staff, trustees, and school communities.

Governance Reports
Reports on school board governance reviews undertaken in Ontario.