School Board Governance: Governance Resources

Multi-Year Strategic Planning Resources

Multi-Year Strategic Planning: A Guide for School Board Trustees (2017), available in PDF format (1.17 MB), is a resource designed to support Ontario school boards with their responsibility to develop, implement, and monitor a multi-year strategic plan. The guide was developed by the ministry in collaboration with its partners. The strategic planning process is a primary opportunity for boards to put leadership, equity, and collaboration into action to ensure the success and well-being of every child and student.

As a further support for school boards, there is also the companion resource document Multi-Year Strategic Planning: Supplementary Resources for School Board Trustees (2017), available in PDF format (87 KB).

The guide and supplementary resources strive to reflect current thinking and best practices for school board strategic planning.

Professional Development Resources

Trustee Election Resources

  • Trustee Elections provides information and resources about trustee elections for trustee candidates, school boards, and communities.