Leadership Development: Career Options

Leadership Career Options

Career planning and succession planning are important for individuals and school boards. This information can help you get started.

  • Find out what you need to know to plan the next steps in your career and what resources are available to help you.
  • School boards, find out how you can help ensure you continue to attract and develop the right school and system leaders.
  • Learn more about Ontario's education system and how it works.

Teachers — thinking about becoming a principal?

School leaders have a profound impact on student achievement. School leadership is one of the most important factors when it comes to improved student learning.

There is a growing demand for principals in Ontario.

Find out how to become a principal and learn more about the Principal's Qualification Program from the Ontario College of Teachers.

Principals — thinking about becoming a supervisory officer?

System leaders have a crucial role to play in creating the conditions of success for principals and students. They provide the system leadership needed to encourage professional growth, foster excellence and support the important role of the principal.

Find out how to become a supervisory officer and learn more about the Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program from the Ontario College of Teachers.

Boards — thinking about succession planning?

Boards need to ensure that as principals and supervisory officers retire, there are more aspiring leaders who are ready and eager to take on these important roles. The need to recruit and retain these professionals means that succession planning and leadership development must be a priority. It requires organizations to take a long-term strategic view of the way they manage their human resources.

Succession planning is an important part of the Ontario Leadership Strategy. As part of the strategy, the ministry will provide succession planning research and succession planning tools to school boards to help attract aspiring leaders. The Institute for Education Leadership also has resources available.