Leadership Development: Principal Performance Appraisal

Principal/Vice-Principal Performance Appraisal

Principals and vice-principals play a critical role in focusing decisions and actions on improving student achievement and well-being. Principal/vice-principal performance appraisal (PPA) provides boards, principals and vice-principals with processes and procedures that will strengthen their leadership practice by focusing on student achievement and well-being while upholding the principles of equity and human rights.  A fair and consistent appraisal process reflecting common professional expectations will contribute to increasing respect for principals and vice-principals.


Summative Report Form and Working Templates

The Education Act and Regulation 234/10 Principal/Vice-Principal Performance Appraisal set out the timelines, processes, and steps that are required, as outlined in the Principal and Vice-principal Technical Requirements Manual, 2013 (PDF, 1.49 MB).

The ministry provides a mandatory Summative Report Form and sample working templates for school boards to use for the implementation of the PPA process. The Summative Report Form for Principals and Vice-Principals is a ministry-approved form that must be used to document the performance appraisal. The Performance Plan, Annual Growth Plan, Improvement Plan working templates must also be used. These documents as provided below are sample working templates and boards may modify them, as needed.

Boards modifying any sample working template must assume responsibility for ensuring that the modified template complies with all relevant legal and policy requirements. The Ministry of Education assumes no responsibility for templates modified by boards. Boards must not attribute any modified templates to the Ministry of Education or the Government of Ontario.



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