Leadership Development: InConversation

In Conversation

In Conversation is a series of papers developed to support school and system leaders across Ontario. The papers contain thought-provoking and stimulating ideas on the strategic and topical issues that matter most to Ontario's education leaders and are intended as a springboard for professional dialogue and learning.

School and system leaders have a critical role to play in reaching Ontario's three key goals – improving student achievement, closing achievement gaps and building public confidence. They are important influencers, champions and supporters of improvement, change and excellence.

Education leadership, however, is complex and constantly evolving. Realizing its full potential requires a culture of inquiry in which school and system leaders continually examine professional practices, embrace new ideas, and share their insights with staff, colleagues and the broad leadership community.

In Conversation was developed to enhance this process both locally and province-wide. School leaders are invited to explore these ideas with colleagues, and to send comments and insights to the ministry.

In Conversation